Monday, 14 April 2014

Land rover

 Just a few land rover drawings top one is a Freelander replacement and the other one is a defender replacement.

Austin Healey

An old drawing but just think how nice it would be to have a Austin Healey instead of an Audi TT

British cars

If you are interested in British cars I have to recommend Austin Rover online it has all you need to know about British cars and is just a great website so give it a go you might learn something.

Tourer Tourer Tourer

The rover 75 estate could have been exploited into so many different guises a while ago I drew a one I thought would be feasible the Rover 75 tourer off road.

MG = Sports cars

MG should be making sports cars but at the moment they seem to think that what we need is a saloon and a small cheap hatchback so since there busy doing that I thought why not design a sports car myself so that's what I did so here it is the MG G V6 catchy I know.

Another one

the Rover SD1 rally car would have been much better than the fat metro that was the 6R4 with a mid mounted V8 turbo  it would have thrashed group B

Rover 600/65

 I did this not that long ago it is a simple Rover 600 facelift to bring it up to par with the Rover 75 and squeeze a bit more profit from the platform. So ladies and gentlemen I give you the Rover 65 Vitesse V6 probably would have lasted to about 2000 and probably would have outsold the Rover 45.